London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony Montage

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Length: 3:50 - Rating: 3.871795 (156 ratings) - View: 199941 - Author: Joe Twyman

What the opening ceremony might look like now that London has won the right to host the 2012 Olympics.

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  • akbarmohammed4eva

    Falkland Island is colonised by the British. Same with Northern Ireland. Ask yourself, how can Falkland island be possibly apart of Britian when its half way around the world. Exactly they stole it.

  • Trazan Apansson

    There is nothing "respectful" about the destruction of the European people.

  • alfaceandrice

    Do you know that during the Military Government (there was a Military Gulp in Brazil from 1964 to 1985) that was supported by Washington and London, they had a plan since the bignning in order to destruct the Amazon Rainforest? Just type something like dat in Google n u'll see. Since 1985 the deforestation has been falling (slow but it is happening).



  • Grüni


  • SparrowBoardz

    I hope we have an Aston Martin DB9 DBS DB5 and a Jaguar xj being driven in by Jeremy c richard h and james m and the stig, and the british flag being risen by david beckam as the red arrows go over head with some harriers and tornadoes

  • Sharkie Holland

    The 2012 gold is 92.5 percent silver, 1.34 percent gold, and 6.16 copper...

  • EternalEyes

    Just watched closing ceremony, yes ko, we certainly did it right :) I am proud to be british

  • alfaceandrice

    Do you know why Europeans are so "worried" about Amazonia deforestation and the live of the Amerindians? Because Amazonia has 12% of all the freshwater of the world, petroleum, bauxite, manganese, gold, silver, thousands of types of threes and plants, natural gas, extrategic minerals, uranium, coal, etc. BUT I agree as all brazilians that it should be preserved and used in a sustainable way. NEXT...

  • Mozart321

    wait, have you read what i wrote? Instead of "wanting to be a part of UK", its actually not wanting to join Communist China??? DO you have any idea how Hong Kong has been doing since its been back in China after 1997? O well, you probably have no idea since you are too busy learning about how USA is the best and brings democracy to everyone ya?? I mean since Americans are famous for being genius'.

  • shox mann

    wow and i thought this was a celebration of harmony and joyyy not some racist debate ***********

  • alfaceandrice

    Oh really? So, you said right: "which is quite large for a island the size of Britain". To take care of a country the size of GB is a lot different than to take care of a country the size of Brazil when 75% of its population lives on its coast. I wish Brazil was the size of Uruguay for example so that it would be much easier to take care of us.

  • Isaac Nelson

    That's what they tell Arab/Muslime idiots like you to help your inferiority complex since Arabs and Muslims haven't contributed anything significant to world science for over 500 years. All the top universities are in the United States, so the best of the world go there. Muslim countries send their top students to the USA to study science. Foreigners only go to Arab countries to study ancient languages and archaeology.

  • Ḡαღ♭ℓ℮ℳαḓм@η

    Suffer??? LMAO Please tell me in what way are the Argentinians sufferring.

  • mariosathens1

    sorry, but this ceremony was very boring.. i expected more from Britain

  • cmc10101

    @jewishwarrior666 screw you.

  • bringmemybow

    Brilliant video.... shame about the quality... any chance of an HD one?

  • Richi Fingerz

    this 2012 olympics will be very good for great britain,, also we will have alot more entries because we dont have to spend money on flights so expect the best FROM US.. (as in you and me ) NOT U.S..... i could be doing long jump CHECK ME OUT IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME

  • Newbie49

    This is hallowed ground. Take your politics elsewhere.

  • alfaceandrice

    Now there is a extrategic plan being produced by the Brazilian Federal Government together w/ the Army Forces in order to go to Amazonia and protect its borders and the inside Amazonia to control deforestations and mainly burnings that happens by NATURAL process. The Amerindians can live where thay want because the country is giant and the density is very law 22/km² or 57/sq mi. In England it is 392/km² or 1,015/sq mi

  • Roger Moorhouse

    I am certain that the British people who wish to... willingly... work abroad offer much safer and greater cultural understanding than the cultural Immigrant detritous we are made to endure in Britain!. and Yes British dole monkeys will be made to work under a BNP government wether they want to or not!. Problem solved. The Idea that British workers wont do manual work anyway is a Media myth so that the likes of you will swallow it ....Genius!.

  • MrIzzydye

    Liked the begginng hated the hospital stuff the rave party stuff and everything after that. I give it a 2 out of 10

  • itzmarcuss

    i just hope they include the history of the united kingdom and stay away from the hip hop/dance crap

  • kefalonia113


  • Roger Moorhouse

    Boycott the 2012 olympics. Built by Immigrant labour while British skilled people are made redundant. This has NOTHING to do with Britain. It should be about national Pride...but because the British people have been betrayed there is NO pride left. Boycott the Olympics and make your absense a statement of discust to our Governmnent leaders. Enough is definetly Enough...time to fight back and stop bieng walked all over. Thankyou for reading this. God be with you.

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