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  • MisterJokerToker

    Cannot WAIT!!! Fingers crossed that the Chinese don't try the mystery birth certificates (again). These 5 gymnast are going in there looking strong,fit and determined. GO USA!!!

  • George Vieto

    Revenge sweet revenge for 2008. Just win baby.

  • KMoney3187

    It's four compete and 3 scores count in the qualifying round

  • ethboyerr94

    No, it's 5 compete and 4 scores count in qualifying.

  • MisterJokerToker

    It wasn't a false claim. The Chinese CHEAT is that clear enough?!

  • stevenge2

    again!? the last time in 2008 it was just a false claim

  • dancergirl1898

    OMG thank you so much for using this song after the hunger games i was looking for it and found it. Your video was amazing it gave me the chills

  • hunkymodel01

    So I know that only 3 compete during team finals with all three scores counting... but how does it work for the prelim/qualifying round? is it 5 compete with 4 scores counting?

  • Niceovechka

    1:19 is it double double?

  • KandyKipty123

    Gabby's leo was so ugly.

  • mabyimamermaid

    Does anybody know what song this is? PLEASE TELL ME!

  • Tara P

    It is the music from the Hunger Games!!

  • momoswaqqin14

    This seems like the music from the Hunger Games lol

  • Adriana GarciaCruz

    What's the name of the song?

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