Chinese Gymnastics Team - 2012 Olympics

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Who will be part of the chinese gymnastics team at the 2012 olympics in London?

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  • ruth de la cruz huaman

    son una bomba las chinas en estas gimnasia 

  • Amelie -RoseBlackBones

    C'est ce genre de montage qui me donne envie de faire de la gym le plus possible et de progresser !

  • fiendin281

    my favorite female gymnast.

  • Katie ward

    We'll I think you were very good 

  • bikerOGX

    But if you don't win, then it means you DRANK ALL THAT PEE for nothing.

  • Catherine B

    They're not over 16? He Kexin, Huang Qiushuang, Sui Lu and Deng Linlin were all 20 at the London Olympics. Yao Jinnan was 17. In fact, they were the oldest team.

  • David Bernal

    what song is this?

  • swimmingisme

    At Least I have a chance of being a gold medalist you should watch me on tv swimmers are the best looking athletes have 6 packs and are extremely good looking.

  • bikerOGX

    In 1776, Nathan Hale said "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country." So Americans were once willing to DIE for their country. Today, Americans have become so whiny and selfish that they won't even do gymnastics for their country. If Nastia doesn't want to compete for the US, she can go back to Russia.

  • meikalee

    Their so wonderful with balance

  • bikerOGX

    In the U.S., that's known as an all expenses paid scholarship your kid just won. If you choose not to accept a scholarship, then you're a dumbass. The only people who are truly robots are the Americans who believe whatever the f*ck they hear about other countries. Just victims of the in-house drive-by They say jump, you say how high Ya standin' in line Believin' the lies Ya bowin' down to the flag Ya got a fuckin' bullet in ya head

  • ChamorruWarrior

    That is the NATIONAL TEAMS gym... And it is a Chinese show. They don't tell you these lucky girls are a handful of tens of thousands of children who were hand picked by the government at 3, stuck in a gym away from their parents, and subjected to extremely harsh training every day. They do not get basic education, their very being is gymnastics. From 3 years old, their destiny is laid out for them, like or not. You saw the BEST gym in China for the stars, here's the REAL /watch?v=xnxR1lLrkPg

  • bikerOGX

    It's cuz they're not on steroids like the American gymnasts. Steroids make you look old.

  • Lily Pad

    Mysterygul138 - I'm sure they're better than u !!

  • swimmingisme

    Sure if kids want to get treated badly for a bunch of years to earn a medal sure go ahead. My point is, is that most kids specifically in China don't always like the sport they are doing. Just imagine training 24/7 hours but hating what you are doing. Also the government in the U.S. and China fund much more money for athletes to train. As in Canada (in the summer olympics) is finding it difficult to win because they don't get payed much to train.

  • JesykCaa Estrada

    What is the song? Is Beautiful

  • ChamorruWarrior

    The. Documentary. And/Or. Any. Basic. Research. Beyond. Trying. To. Be. Right. And. Anti. Americanism.

  • bikerOGX

    You just contradicted yourself by proving my point that one can't be forced to participate in a sport. If you don't want to do gymnastics, simply suck at it. If Nastia Liukin hates gymnastics, she can simply play the "not good enough" card by doing a faceplant off the high bar in trials and avoid shouldering the terrible burden that you feel representing your country in the Olympics is. Your assumption that gymnasts have no say in the matter is retarded, as they actually hold all the cards.

  • Margaux Kh.

    Beautiful !

  • bikerOGX

    Well, pee doesn't get in your mouth in other sports, only swimming, so I don't really have to DEAL WITH IT, YOU DO, PEE DRINKER! LOL!

  • swimmingisme

    well at least I'm athletic while you sit at home and do nothing! LOL!

  • Zhou Joseph

    Dream Team of gymanatic

  • bikerOGX

    Well, McKayla Maroney gets more height on her vaults than Kohei Uchimura. How is it possible for a woman to vault higher than the best male gymnast? I mean, didn't American swimming coach John Leonard accuse a Chinese female swimmer of doping just because she beat Ryan Lochte's time?

  • bikerOGX

    I think it's more about what poor sports the Americans are. Making lame-ass excuses in an attempt to explain why they lost. I mean, the Visa Championships have both Senior and Junior gymnasts competing every year. If you look at the history of the competition, you'll notice that the Seniors tend to score higher than the Juniors. So how come the Juniors don't dominate every year if they are supposedly younger and better? Explain whiny-ass American bitches.

  • Catherine B

    She sucked in 2011, and was not expected to be a factor when this video was made.

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